We are you

We are you

Branding project for digital agency We are you, finished in September 2018

As many brands these days, and also during those days, ‘human’ was a very important aspect that needed to be expressed visually. We did this, however, in a more unexpected way.

What is a human agency? To us, it was a close collaboration between the client and ourselves, with our work as a centerpiece: the thing that (hopefully) makes our clients more successful. A triangle of three elements, if you will.

At some point, we wondered, how can we summarize what we always do? What everyone within the company does? The conclusion: we try to simplify things.

Three. And Simple. The two magic words for our brand. And this led us of course to: Bauhaus. The circle, the square and the triangle.

The circle that visualized us, unlimited in our thinking and imagination. The square, representing the client, a safe haven of security. And the triangle, the active shape, representing the work we do.

We are you. Three words. Three shapes. Three colors.


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