TheoryResearch proves: beauty results in business value and trust

Research proves: beauty results in business value and trust

I hate many blog posts. There filled with SEO fluff. I don’t do fluff.

An interesting fact about the value of beauty in your design.

Did you know that, according to research by Reinecke and a few of her co-writers, people form a lasting opinion about your web design and company in less than half a second? And that the number one factor that determines whether people find your design aesthetically pleasing is visual complexity. Lower complexity wins from high complexity.  

What is, according to research, the result of people visually liking your site? They are more likely to consider you as professional and trustworthy. Read: more likely to do business with you or buy stuff from you.

In other words: keep your design simple, easy to digest, easy to take in, and easy on the brains of your user. This way, you improve the aesthetics and thereby improve your business.

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